SCSI TC Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables

30 AWG SCSI Non-Shielded Cable

SCSI 34 pair, 30 AWG (7/38) TC Unshielded Twisted Pair

  • 30 AWG Non-Shielded SCSI Cable
  • UL/CSA Listings: (UL) CMG c(UL) 75°
  • Meets UL 444 FT-4 Burn requirements

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30 AWG Non Shielded SCSI Cable Features

  • Meets ANSI X3T.10 Standards for interconnection of SCSI devices
  • Hi-Twist used for quality twisted pairs
  • SPI, SPI-2, SPI-3, SPI-4 and SPI-5 compliant
  • U640 and below compliant

30 Gauge Non-Shielded SCSI Cable Description

Basic construction of the SCSI Ultra 640 electronic cable uses 30 Gauge (AWG) stranded with FRFPO insulation. Conductors are then twisted into pairs with varying left-hand lays to reduce crosstalk. The required number of pairs are cabled with a left-hand lay, wrapped with a foam polypro tape. The non-shielded SCSI Ultra 640 cable is jacketed with Hi-Flex PVC.†

† Black (000) is standard for this product but other colors are available upon request.

SCSI 30 Gauge Non Shielded Electronic Cable Applications

  • Parallel PC processing
  • High speed interconnect CPU management
  • Board to board interface
  • Ultra 640, Ultra 320, ULtra 160
  • Fast 80, Fast 40, Fast 20, Fast 10, Fast 5
  • Storage array systems
  • Blade storage devices
  • HDD (High Density Disks)
  • Parallel SCSI, Ultra SCSI and Fast SCSI
  • RAID Devices
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Anixter 888-264-9784
Heilind Electronics 800-400-7041
Mann Organization 800-553-5543