SCSI Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cables

SCSI Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cable

SCSI, 5 through 50 pair, 28 AWG stranded TC Twisted Pair Cables

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SCSI Lite™ Cable Features

  • Constructed for Use with High Density connectors
  • A Low Cost, Highly Flexible Alternative to True SCSI 2 and SCSI 3* cables
  • 28 Gauge (AWG) stranded conductors and Thin Wall Insulation provides size advantages over standard RS-232 cables

* The Name SCSI-Lite™ Refers to the Cables’ Dimensions and not Electrical Properties. SCSI 2 requires a minimum if 90 Ohms (Ω) differential. HCA’s 48621 series is only 80 Ohms.

SCSI Lite™ High Density Interconnect Cable Description

Basic construction of the SCSI High Density Interconnect electronic cable uses 28 Gauge (AWG) stranded tinned conductor SR-PVC insulation .028″ Nom. OD. Conductors are then twisted into wire pairs with varying left-hand lays to reduce crosstalk. The required number of pairs are cabled with a left-hand lay, then shielded with both an AL/PET tape (AL side out) and braid shield. A 28 gauge (7/36 TC) drain wire is pulled in between the shields. The HDI cables are jacketed with Pebble Gray Hi-Flex PVC.**

** Pebble Gray (850) is standard for this product but other colors are available upon request.

SCSI Lite™ Cable Applications

  • Use with high density connectors
  • General purpose point-to-point
  • Low voltage applications
  • Ideal for telco and datacomm applications
Distributor Name Phone Number
Anixter 888-264-9784
Heilind Electronics 800-400-7041
Mann Organization 800-553-5543