SCSI Solid & Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cable

SCSI Solid Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cable

SCSI 25 & 34 pair, 30 AWG Solid & Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cables 

  • 30 AWG Shielded SCSI Cable
  • UL/CSA Listings: (UL) CMG c(UL) 75°
  • Meets UL 444 FT-4 Burn requirements

30 AWG Shielded SCSI Cable Features

  • VHDCI compatible
  • Round, smooth and firm for overmolding
  • Harmonized CMG listed for safety
  • Meets ANSI X3T.9 (Project 0375M Publishes Ref. X3-131-1994) and X3T.10 (Per ANSI X3T.10 Document: 855 Annex D) Standards for interconnection of SCSI devices
  • Hi-Twist used for quality twisted pairs

30 Gauge Shielded SCSI Cable Description

Basic construction of the SCSI Cable uses 30 gauge (AWG) stranded or solid conductor FRFPO. Conductors are then twisted into pairs with varying left-hand lays to reduce crosstalk. The required number of wire pairs are cabled with a left-hand lay, wrapped with a foam polypro tape, then shielded with both an AL/PET tape (AL side out) and braid shield. The SCSI cable is jacketed with Hi-Flex PVC.†

† Black (000) is standard for this product but other colors are available upon request.

30 AWG Shielded SCSI Electronic Cable Applications

  • Parallel PC processing
  • High speed interconnect CPU management
  • Board to board interface
  • Ultra 640 (49557 & 40427), Ultra 320, Ultra 160
  • Fast 80, Fast 40, Fast 20, Fast 10, Fast 5
  • Storage array systems
  • Blade storage devices
  • HDD (High Density Disks)
  • Parallel SCSI, Ultra SCSI and Fast SCSI
  • RAID Devices
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Anixter 888-264-9784
Heilind Electronics 800-400-7041
Mann Organization 800-553-5543