NanoCore™ Micro-Distribution Dual-Jacket LSZH Cable

NanoCore™ Dual-Jacket Micro Distribution offers 250 micron fiber optic strands in a loose tube design. Each fiber strand is color coded for easy identification. The cable features a dual jacket for added protection. Subunits with 12 strands are wrapped with a color-coded nylon binder. NanoCore™ cables are RoHS and REACH compliant. NanoCore™ Interconnect Micro Distribution cable is ideal for MPO (MTP®) style connectors where higher data rates are desired. Supported applications include gigabit, 10 gigabit and 40 gigabit Ethernet. For this construction, a low-smoke zero halogen jacket is utilized to provide the safety characteristics specific to a customer’s needs. Made in USA.

nanocore dual jacket loose tube lszh cable

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fiber Optic Cable

  • OM2, OM3, & OM4 cables utilize Corning ClearCurve glass.
  • 250 micron loose tube design allows for higher fiber strand counts in a smaller overall diameter cable
  • Ideal for MT and MTP®/MPO style connectors
  • No gel design makes installation quick, easy and clean
  • Each fiber is color coded for easy identification
  • Color-coded binders separate fiber strands into bundles of 12
  • Rugged dual-jacket design
  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Lightweight, flexible Aramid yarns enhance strength
  • Compliant To: -IEC 60332-3-24 (Flammability) -IEC 61034-2 (Low Smoke) -IEC 60754-1&2 (Non-Halogen)
  • Cables with Improved Attenuation Available
  • Cables with Extended 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support Distances Available
  • Standard Colors are Yellow for Singlemode, Orange for Multimode and Teal for 10 Gigabit

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NanoCore™ Micro-Distribution LSZH Loose Tube Cable Options

  • Cables with improved attenuation available
  • Standard colors are yellow for singlemode, orange for multimode and aqua for 10 Gigabit – other colors are available
  • Enhanced OM4 cables with extended 10 gigabit distances are available.
  • OM1 cables available

Fiber Distances by Application (conventional), pre-QSFP Release

Fiber Distances & Loss Budgets by Application (Based on QSFP Rev. 1 Specification Dec. 2006)

nanocore dual jacket loose tube lszh cable