Multiunit Plenum Cable

Multi-Unit is RoHS and REACH compliant and all multimode and singlemode cables (except OM1) utilize bend-insensitive optical fibers. Each fiber is color coded for easy identification, flexible and easy to handle with lightweight aramid yarns to enhance strength. Multi-Unit is an ideal intra-building, multi-floor cable solution where higher strand counts are desired. Supported applications include gigabit, 10 gigabit and 40 gigabit Ethernet. Made in USA..

multiunit plenum cable

Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

  • Each Fiber is Color Coded for Easy Identification
  • Compact Distribution Design
  • Ideal Intra-Building, Multi-Floor Cable Solution
  • Lightweight, Flexible Aramid Yarns Enhance Strength


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MultiUnit Cable Applications

  • Data Center Ruggedized Trunking Fiber for Under Raised-Floor Environments
  • Data Center Trunking for Overhead Wiring Raceway
  • Backbone (Vertical) Trunks Running Multiple Floors Requiring Significant Hanging Strength

Fiber Distances by Application (conventional), pre-QSFP Release

Fiber Distances & Loss Budgets by Application (Based on QSFP Rev. 1 Specification Dec. 2006)

Understanding OM1, OM2, OM3, OS1 and OS2 Glass Types

MultiUnit Cable Features

  • Cables with a 600 micron Buffer Available
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Available
  • Cables with Improved Attenuation Available
  • Standard Colors are Yellow for Singlemode, Orange for Multimode and Teal for 10 Gigabit
Indoor Multimode MultiUnit Fiber Optic Cable Diagram
Dielectric Materials Riser Riser
Overall Jacket Flame-Retardant Thermoplastic Low-Smoke, Flame Retardant Thermoplastic